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Sure, you can dig around and eventually find publications' annual editorial calendars. But unless you know how to stop time, it'd be impossible to stay abreast of ever-changing feature focuses, writer names and contact info, article parameters, and deadlines. Until now. Edit Forum targets the thousands of tech-related editorial features of hundreds of leading technology trade and business publications. Our real-time database can even sync up with your inbox, for a conversation that keeps you in-the-know and in the game.

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Not just any editorial features. Relevant editorial features.

We eat this stuff for breakfast. Every single open editorial feature opportunity listed on hundreds of editorial calendars gets tracked through our exclusive Edit Forum. So you can bite into exactly which categories are just right for you, for faster, more targeted success.

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It's all about the ink.

Generate what you want, where you want it. We've got the 'in' with hundreds of top IT and business trade publications. And when you do a little homework, you can make our 'in' your 'wa-hoo!'. Get a good understanding of each pub before making a contact and you'll greatly increase your chance of snagging the placement you want.

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  • "PRSourceCode has made a dramatic difference in our business. It has enabled us to capitalize on numerous speaking engagements at national forums as well as secure ongoing media interviews for our healthcare technology client base. The timely news bytes are so helpful – can't imagine life without PRSourceCode!"
    Jodi Amendola
    CEO, Amendola Communication
  • "PRSourceCode's Edit Forum helps streamline the process of pitching for our PR professionals. Essentially, they provide 'spoon fed' opportunities directly to our inbox so we can focus on core responsibilities, instead of wasting time and budget sorting through thousands of editorial opportunities – many of which are not relevant or out of date. Edit Forum provides our PR professionals with industry-relevant, timely opportunities which ensure our pitching efforts are targeted and on-point."
    Pam Fiorelli
    Vice President, Schwartz Communications
  • "We were happy to find a company willing to devote as much personal attention to its clients as PRSourceCode with a specific concentration on technology media, especially the mobile and wireless pubs we target daily. Its customer service has been above par – and is always just a phone call away. Furthermore, with PRSourceCode, we always knew exactly which editor or reporter to contact each time, which made our daily outreach much simpler."
    Stephanie Sibal
    Account Executive, Sonus PR
  • "Missing editorial opportunities is just not an option for our clients. With PRSourceCode, we never have to worry about missing out on a media placement, speaking opportunity, or potential award win for our clients because they provide accurate, up-to-the-minute information. My team can then spend time focusing on pitching to relevant publications and getting those media placements that drive my business."
    Jeannette Bitz
    Vice President and Partner, Engage PR
  • "There are numerous content service providers for the PR industry, all of whom claim they can deliver the best, most accurate information in the fastest way possible. Those providers lack something the hands-on, personal relationships that PRSourceCode has. The PRSourceCode team speaks personally with editors, then delivers useful information right to our email."
    Annette Shimada
    Principal, Kickstart Consulting
  • "PRSourceCode provides what we need to get coverage, right now. After analyzing our budget, we found that we were spending too much time searching for editorial calendars, and then determining if the opportunities slated were relevant for our clients. With PRSourceCode, we never need to second guess the opportunities. We know that the information provided by PRSourceCode has been properly vetted and is specific/relevant for our clients in the security space. As a result, my team is able to focus on what matters - guaranteeing our clients get essential coverage to drive their businesses."
    Anne Price
    Owner, PR Works
  • "A sense of community is extremely important in the PR industry. PRSourceCode provides just that for the PR/media space, by fostering positive relationships with the editors who are most important to our clients and delivering accurate information from important publications in a timely fashion to our team – the key ingredients needed for success."
    Laura Gonia
    Assistant Account Executive, Weber Shandwick Worldwide
What you see is a taste of what you get.

The thousands of opportunities we generate every day can't be summed up on one Web page. But take a look at this small sampling.

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Re-think value.

Forget everything you know about pricing PR processes. At PRSourceCode, we don't believe in wasted or missed opportunities. All we need are some specifics about your company's size and needs to create a pricing plan that fits you to a "t." For value that's more than A-OK.

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